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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It's Friday! Yeah! Welcome weekend. I am so glad to see you! So, I've had some followers on my Instagram page tell me that I should start writing blogs. You see, some of the time, I will have a story related to the picture I'm posting. Whether it be a funny story regarding my husband or kids, or just something stupid I've done, and people seem to enjoy it. I'm gonna believe they are sharing my pain of the day because they can relate, and not that they are pointing fingers and laughing at me. Actually, laugh away. It's all I can do myself sometimes! It's a hysterical laugh, but laughing is laughing right??

I decided that these blogs will be part adventure sharing and part addressing the questions I get asked the most, such as camera settings I've used for certain shots, equipment, accessories, or how I edit pictures.

It may also contain my personal opinion on equipment I own and use, such as camera, filters and lenses. I do not get sponsored, or get free products from companies, so this will be my honest opinion. Not a professional one by any means, but an honest, in the field opinion. Like, how many times CAN you drop a filter before it breaks? Or, if you drop your camera in the lake, does the weather sealing really help that much??

Currently I use a Nikon D750 camera and have a mixture of Nikon lenses as well as Tamron lenses. I will be honest and say, I did get my Tamron 150-600 G2 as payment for an article Tamron did on a lens of theirs I purchased. Link here if you are interested in reading:

I am partial to their products, but will be honest with any issues I may have with them. Which, actually is none. They make great lenses. I also learn a lot of what I do, photography and editing, through trial and error. I read as much as I can on how to do something but nothing teaches me better than hands on. So I can tell you all the mistakes I've already made and what to avoid! See my pain, is your gain! Or something like that.

I am also not much of a tech person, so any information I provide will be on the use of the item and my end results. If you want to know the technical mumbo jumbo I'll post a link in the blog. I would also like to have some guest bloggers write as well, so if you are interested, let me know! I would love to be able to feature different opinions and get some different takes on lenses I don't own or different camera brands.

So it's off to the weekend. Much rain ahead but temps in the 50s-60s. Can you really ask for better than that in January in NE Ohio??


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