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Hi! I'm Rhonda Coe. I am married, have 4 children, and a house full of animals! I started my journey into photography in 2017 mainly focusing on landscapes, wildlife, and insects. I have since discovered a passion for capturing the love between families, the excitement of a senior preparing for graduation and couples starting their life together. If you have any questions regarding booking a session, contact me below!



Where are you located? I live in Uniontown, OH, but will travel many places outside of my local area. 


What style of pictures can I expect? I choose to do my family and senior sessions outdoors. Natural or urban settings make the best locations and can be used to our advantage to capture some unique pictures. I prefer to shoot during "golden hour" which is one hour after sunrise, or one hour before sunset. This gives your pictures that warm, golden look.  Urban settings can also be beautiful at night with the twinkling lights from the city as your backdrop!

How long do photos take to edit? Standard delivery time is 14 days. If I do not have many sessions booked at that specific time I can get them back as quickly as a few days! I am normally as excited to edit them and deliver them to you as you are to receive them! 

How do I order prints? After your photos are edited, I will upload them to a website and send you the link via email or text. This site allows you to preview your photos,  try them in either color or black and white, and order to have shipped directly to your front door. This link will also be able to be shared with family members so they can order their own favorite prints. 

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