My goal in photography is to give people a glimpse of places they have never been, an appreciation of the nature that surrounds us, and a different view of the wildlife that lives amongst us. 

Hi! I'm Rhonda Coe. I am married, have 4 children, and a house full of animals! I started my journey into photography when my husband (pictured below) purchased me my first DSLR camera for Christmas in 2017, a Nikon D3400 with 2 kit lens.  I had tried so many hobbies that could never seem to keep my attention. My husband told me "when you find what you are passionate about, you will know it. Doing it will not seem like a chore".  He was right. As soon as I opened that box, and held that camera in my hand, I knew this was it. I knew that THIS, was what I had been looking for. 


For the first few days I was taking pictures of everything.  My children, my pets, birds, trees,  etc.  I was determined to learn what this camera could do and what I could achieve.  I soon realized that I knew nothing about composing a picture. I wanted my shots to look like the ones I saw in magazines, or like the artists I followed on Instagram. I started watching hours and hours of  "how to" videos on YouTube.  I realized it was so much more than just pointing and shooting. It was overwhelming.  The exposure triangle? The rule of thirds? Golden and blue hours?? I was getting frustrated and felt like I had possibly started a hobby that would be too difficult to learn everything I needed to know to be successful.


But it wasn't too difficult, and almost 3 years later I still don't know everything there is to know about photography and I probably never will, and that's okay.   I learn from my mistakes and try again.  I still watch videos and learn new techniques to improve my photography and I probably always will. The most important thing is,  I still love it. I am still passionate about it. And its still the "hobby"  that gets me up at 5am for sunrise, and keeps me up until 2am for Milky Way shots, and still makes me head into a patch of poison ivy (which I'm highly allergic to!) just to get a better shot of a bird. 


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