Night Photography

One of my favorite things to do is night photography. I am still very much a beginner at this aspect of photography, but like everything else, I have been watching hours of tutorials on how to perfect it.  We visited an are of Ohio that is known for it's darker skies, and lucky for me, I finally chose a weekend when the moon was only 19% illuminated and set fairly early.  Our first night were clear skies where the Milky Way was 100% visible. The following evening we did have some low lying clouds, but in my opinion, that just added a little something extra to the shot.  I've also thrown in a couple shots of NEOWISE Comet that I was lucky to get before it disappeared for the next 6,800 years! 

New York 2020

I had the pleasure of being able to take a trip to Upper state NY recently. We had booked this trip in Jan of this year, and the parks had just opened up before our scheduled vacation. Most of the trips we take is in our 36 foot toy hauler, so social distancing was not an issue for our week stay. We started out in Letchworth State park, "The Grand Canyon of the East" and enjoyed bike rides on country roads and vast views of the surrounding area. We ended our trip in Watkins Glen, NY where we made trips to the popular gorge, Seneca Lake, and many surrounding waterfalls in the area. 


Tamron Photo Tips & More

How to Shoot: Local Landscapes

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